Psycho Peacock has landed…..

The GBM Group has proudly rebranded itself as Psycho Peacock to add a dash of colour to proceedings, and to propel its already legendary customer proposition on to the next level.

Privately we’ve been investing heavily in technology, people, and lean production techniques to help position ourselves as the UK’s no’1 provider of specialised graphics for Retail, Events and Exhibitions, Museums, Visitor Attractions, and Construction.

As ever, we aim to save our clients time, money, and effort by being that little bit sharper in all the critical areas of supply.

So have a look around our new website and watch out for Isabel Ashford’s blog (Izz It?) where she’ll be discussing various topics that are sizzling hot within our industry.

Warm regards
Simon Higginbottom
Managing Director aka (Chief Plucker)

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