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The Peacock has Landed

Psycho Peacock is the UK's No'1 large-format graphics production company with offices in Manchester and London.
We help our clients to turn their creative ideas into prize eggs, and plumes of visual splendor.

For over 40 years now, we've been strutting our stuff in the world of retail store graphics, window graphics, foam board printing and much much more.

On every single customer project, we strive to save our clients Time, Money and Effort,
whilst providing legendary service, that gets talked about.

We call this commitment to quality, Thinking Beyond ⌘ Print.

We love that our clients are from multiple industries too, such as: Marketing & Brand Managers, Visual Merchandisers, Graphic Designers, Event Organisers, Retail, Workspace, Interior Designers, Museums, Exhibitions, and many more.
They all help to keep us, right out there.

So why not flock to us, and become a treasured egg in our feathery nest?

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Your creativity + Our distinct delivery

Your creativity

Psycho Peacock (formerly the GBM Group) helps Retailers, Agencies, Event Companies, and many other organisations to turn their creative ideas, into prize eggs.

As a planner, marketer or agency, you need a partner that can go beyond the norm of ⌘ Print, and realise your full creative vision.

Our distinct delivery

Psycho Peacock has been successfully delivering specialised graphics to Retail, Events, Museums, Construction, and Visitor Attractions for over 40 years.

We have a proven 5 step delivery process that helps your organisation to increase quality whilst saving you time, money, and effort when sourcing specialised graphics.

Introducing to the flock our brand new Jetrix iR320

By Isabel Ashford | June 15, 2019

Psycho Peacock purchases JETRIX’S 100TH PRINTER IN THE UK Sales Director of Perfect Colours, Jon Telling, recently caught up with our very own Simon Higginbottom for a chat about our new printer and how we’ll be using it. JT: Good morning, Simon. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to see me and thank you for … Read moreIntroducing to the flock our brand new Jetrix iR320

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