Pecking Order

Simon – Chief Plucker

Simon has been with Psycho Peacock since he was an egg.

He’s worked across all sectors of the business, and been the main push-factor to grow us to where we are today.

A 99% self-acknowledged control freak, there isn’t anything about Psycho Peacock that he doesn’t know about or get involved with.

You will regularly see him in the production areas, or hear him thinking up weird, wonderful and innovative projects (hard to miss as he’s so tall!) often muttering to himself. Yet his passion to clients, the team, and this industry is second to none… even he confirms himself as a workaholic.

Jason – Well Plucked / Egg Polisher

Jason heads all areas of our production, you will find him climbing up, over and under machinery, sitting in the finishing line, testing new materials or pulling what little feathers he has left, out!

He is the man that makes the magic happen, and delivers on deadlines to be met. All with a unique sense of humour that’s much needed when the pressure is really on.

His patience and dedication make him an admirable leader, whilst his dancing is something to be awed and admired (he’s a man of many hidden talents).

Always approachable, but with a ready yet strangely manic smile.